Information about Big Loads Trailer Rental


The Birth of Big Loads Trailer Rental Marketplace

Big Loads is the first peer to peer trailer rental marketplace where you can find a trailer to rent near you. Big Loads was started after a car guy rented a car trailer from a well known rental chain to buy a car that didn't run. During that trip, the trailer had three tires blowout due to poor maintenance and the company buying cheap tires for their trailers. What should have been an easy trip, turned into a nightmare of waiting on the side of the freeway. 

After that excursion, he thought he'd find a marketplace to rent a better quality trailer nearby. Turns out, it was insanely difficult to find quality trailers to rent for loading cars, moving brush, moving tractors, buying furniture, etc. The standard rental trailers from big chain brands are almost always in poor condition, may not fit your exact needs, and are very poorly maintained. 

This is where the idea for a peer to peer trailer renting marketplace was started. Big Loads is a place where you can find the exact trailer you need for whatever job you're looking to do, nearby! 

Sign up to either rent a trailer near you, or rent out the trailer you have that may not be used as much as it should be. Turn that paperweight into an income producing asset!