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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Last updated: 10/8/2023.

Please read these terms of service carefully before using Our Service.

By using the services on this website and booking a reservation or listing a trailer for rent, you agree and accept all terms and conditions. If you do not agree to and accept all terms and conditions, you are not authorized to use the services or website.  The Company reserves the right to suspend or permanently block any User who chooses to violate these terms and conditions.  The Company reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice and will include a last modified date at the top of this page.

1. Definitions:

"Company" means Big Loads

"Services" or "Website" or "Platform" means services offered to the Trailer Owner and the Trailer Renter at

"Renter" or "Trailer Renter" means any person or company or listed driver who requests a reservation or booking to rent a trailer.

"Owner" or "Trailer Owner" means any person or company who owns a trailer and lists a trailer for rent on the Big Loads website.

"Trailer" means any towable vehicle with wheels with the intended use of carrying a load that can be towed behind an adequate vehicle equipped to tow.

“Tow” or “Operate” means any trailer pulled behind any vehicle or to utilize, use, load, unload, tamper with or otherwise in any capacity.

"Tow Vehicle" means any vehicle that has adequate load ratings and tow equipment, such as, hitch, ball, light plug socket, brake controller, and safety chain hooks to tow a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer.

"Listing" means any page on the Big Loads website which displays a trailer for rent.

“Rental” means a Renter processing a transaction on the Big Loads website to pay for the use of the Owner’s non-motorized trailer for a specific time period. 

"Rental Period" means the amount of time a trailer is booked for rental from the Big Loads website.

"Rental by Day" or "Daily Rental" means a 24-hour rental period. 

"Rental by Week" or "Weekly Rental" means a 7-day rental period.

"Rental by Month" or "Monthly Rental" means a 30-day rental period.

“User Account” or "User" means any Renter account or Trailer Owner account or Owner account.

“Deposit Deduction Claim” means any claim filed with the Company to withhold part or all of the deposit for loss during the rental period.

2. Account Profile: All user accounts must contain the user's legal first name in the “First Name” field and the user's legal last name in the “Last Name” field.  Only the first name and first letter of the last name will be publicly visible.  All user's must provide and maintain a current working phone number and email address in their profile.  This information will not be publicly visible.  Contact information, full personal names and company names are prohibited from being listed in the profile bio.

3. Warranty: The Renter accepts the trailer rental as-is without any warranty that such trailer will provide the function or desired performance and intended use.  The Owner does not warrant the condition, quality, or performance of the trailer.

4. Cancellations:   

  • Card is authorized but not charged until the booking is accepted
  • Full Refund if canceled within 1 hour of an accepted booking
  • 25% deduction if canceled after 1 hour but within 2 hours after an accepted booking
  • 50% deduction if canceled after 2 hours but within 6 hours after an accepted booking
  • No refund if canceled after 6 hours of an accepted booking
  • Platform fees will not be refunded after owner accepts the booking

If contact information is exchanged or shared by the Renter or the Owner after a booking is created but before the booking is accepted, booking fees are non-refundable.

5. Deposit: The deposit amount is set by the Trailer Owner. If the owner charges a deposit, it will be indicated on their listing.  All deposits are charged at the time of booking.  If a booking is accepted, the deposit amount is charged.  The deposit or any portion of the deposit can be withheld if a trailer is returned with damages or any rented accessory is not returned or is returned with damages.  Other reasons why a deposit could be withheld include, but are not limited to, late return of a rented trailer.  If a trailer is returned on time and without incident, the deposit refund is initiated by the Owner marking the transaction complete.  Deposit refunds can take several days to appear on the Renter's bank statement. 

6. Rental Period:  The “Rental Period” starts and ends at the booking start and end date and time unless there is a mutual agreement between Owner and Renter to change the rental start and end time. 

7. Rental Extensions:  If the Renter cannot return when the trailer is due, the Renter must go to the Big Loads website and process a request for extension.   Any verbal or written agreement to extend a rental outside of the  Big Loads platform will not be supported by Big Loads in the collection of any rental fees or other fees or withholding of any deposit for damages, citations, tolls, or any other incident that arises during the extended period of the rental if the rental period was not paid for through the Big Loads platform.

8. Prohibited Use of Rented Trailers:

  • A.  Any person(s) not named on the Rental Agreement shall not be allowed to operate or tow rented trailer.
  • B.  No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed to rent, tow or operate a rented trailer.
  • C.  The manufactures specified weight limits shall never be exceeded regardless of the contents being hauled.
  • D.  No rented trailer shall ever be used in an unlawful manner.
  • E.  No person operating or towing a rented trailer shall plead ignorance to any local, state, or federal law regarding the safe operation or use of the trailer.
  • F.  The Renter is prohibited from towing a trailer with any inadequate vehicle or a load on any trailer that does not comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Department of Transportation standards.
  • G.  The Renter is prohibited from using any tow vehicle with improper towing equipment, such as, the improper size ball, the improper light plug connection, no or non-working brake controller or an improper tow hitch.
  • H.  The Renter is prohibited from switching a trailer to different towing vehicle after taking possession of the trailer if the towing vehicle is not adequate to tow the trailer.
  • I.  The Renter is prohibited from using any trailer without first having full knowledge of how to operate it, load it, and knowledge of all weight specifications.
  • J.  The Renter is prohibited from driving on toll roads, parking illegally on streets and violating traffic laws.
  • K.  The Renter or any other driver is prohibited from operating or towing a trailer while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or any controlled substance that may impair his or her ability to drive.
  • L.  The Renter or driver is prohibited from leaving the scene of an accident without reporting such accident to law enforcement.
  • M.  The Renter or driver is prohibited from using any cell phone, electronic device or any other activity that may cause a distraction while driving and operating or towing a trailer.
  • N.  The Renter is prohibited from operating or towing any trailer that requires a special license or permit to operate, tow or haul a load on any rented trailer if the Renter does not hold the required, valid, license or permit.  The Renter is prohibited from renting, operating, or towing any trailer on the platform unless he or she possesses a valid driver license legally issued by a local government within the country where the trailer is being rented.
  • O.  The Renter is prohibited performing any mechanical work on any rented trailer without the consent of the Owner.
  • P.  The Renter is prohibited from maintaining possession or refusing to relinquish any rented trailer when an Owner refuses to extend the rental.
  • Q.  The Renter is prohibited from maintaining possession or refusing to relinquish any rented trailer when a rental has been terminated for any reason.
  • R.  The Renter is prohibited from loaning, giving, re-renting or letting another person use a rented trailer who is not named as a driver or Renter on the reservation.

9. Fees Incurred by Renter: The Renter is responsible to pay for all fees, including but not limited to: rental days, tolls, parking tickets, towing, impound, damages, cleaning, late fees, loss, abandonment, non-returned accessories, etc. If the Renter is delinquent for any period of time and fees are unpaid at the end of the paid rental period, the Renter agrees and accepts that the Company can charge the Renter's credit card without prior authorization to pay for applicable fees.  Unpaid fees will be subject to an additional $30 administration fee by Big Loads per incident or citation. Delinquent accounts will be sent to collections and will incur an additional 35% surcharge and may be reported to credit bureaus. The Renter acknowledges that he or she has no right to contest fees assessed for any of the items stated above. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold Big Loads and the Owner harmless of any actions, consequences or penalties associated with any activity or use while in the possession of the Renter.

10. Service Fee by Company: There’s no fee to list a trailer for rent on Big Loads. Big Loads takes a commission of 20% from the total rental amount (excluding deposit) of each rental transaction. The Company charges a booking fee of 10% and a small deposit processing fee to the renter. These fees allow Big Loads to run the platform and provide advertising to increase rentals.

11. Late Fee:  No rental grace period will be offered to the Renter. If the trailer is not returned by the return “due” date and time, an additional 24-hour rental amount will be withheld from the Renter's deposit unless an extension request has been submitted and pre-paid in advance.

12. Rental Agreement: The trailer Owner reserves the right to utilize their own rental agreement.  The Company is not part of any verbal or written agreement between the Trailer Owner and Trailer Renter outside of this agreement. 

13. Communication & Renting Guidelines: Trailer Owner and Trailer Renter agree in the course of doing business through the Company Services, they will represent themselves in a professional manner. Abusive, inappropriate language or threats will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from the website. Trailer Owners and Renters are prohibited from attempting to circumvent the platform in any way.  For the safety, privacy, and best interests of the platform, Trailer Owners and Trailer Renters are prohibited from posting any direct means of contact prior to a booking being accepted; including but not limited to:  posting a full or partial phone number, email address, social media link or name, website link or name, physical address, approximate address, approximate location, company name, company logo, brand or any other direct means of contact to a public listing page, profile page, profile image, listing page, listing image, trailer image or message on the platform prior to the acceptance of a booking.  Violating this policy will be grounds for permanent suspension from the platform.

14. Payment: The Company accepts all major credit cards as payment for rentals and no other form of payment will be accepted.  The Company uses Stripe, a third-party payment processor. By using the Services offered by the Company, the Owner and Renter understand and agree the Company is not responsible or liable for terms and conditions, limitations set by, or monetary action taken by Stripe. This includes, but is not limited to refunds, service fees, fraudulent charges or any other fees imposed by Stripe. 

15. Chargeback: A chargeback occurs when the Renter disputes a charge on their credit card. In the event a chargeback is initiated, the Company will review to determine if the chargeback was warranted. If not, the Company will dispute the chargeback on behalf of the Company and the Trailer Owner. The Company will require the cooperation of the Trailer Owner for necessary details and documents.

16. Rental Fees: The Trailer Owner is responsible for setting his or her desired daily, weekly, and monthly rental fees, accessory rental fees, cleaning fees, delivery fees, etc.  If the Owner accepts a booking, he or she must honor the rental price shown in the booking.  It is the obligation of the Trailer Owner to manage the rental extensions and ensure the Renter pays for any additional rental days through the "Rental Extension" link within the Renter's account.

17. Trailer Owner Requirements:  Trailer Owners may list their trailer for the purpose of offering rentals.  Listing a trailer for the sole purpose to advertise a hauling service is prohibited.  Trailers with a salvage title are prohibited from being listed on the platform.  Custom built trailers with DOT certification are acceptable to be listed on the platform.  Every Trailer Owner has a responsibility to manage their own bookings, rental extensions and answer questions from Renters or potential renters in a timely manner.  Owners who do not respond in a reasonable amount of time will receive automated and / or direct contact from the Company.  All bookings must be accepted or rejected as soon as possible or within 1 hour whenever possible by the Trailer Owner.  If no action is taken to accept or reject a booking within 24 hours, the listing may be deactivated at the discretion of the Company.  All messages must be answered as soon as possible or within 1 hour whenever possible by the Trailer Owner.  If messages are ignored or go unanswered by the Trailer Owner, the listing may be deactivated at the discretion of the Company.  Owners are required to manage rentals, upload a minimum of 4 current pictures of the rented trailer before and after each rental and disclose any damages before closing out the rental.  The Owner agrees the rented trailer will be well maintained, roadworthy and mechanically safe, in good cosmetic condition, equipped with a current license plate associated with the rental trailer, equipped with a manufacture VIN sticker listing weight specifications to include weight capacity, and have a current DOT inspection if required by state law. It is the responsibility of every Trailer Owner to ensure the trailer is good cosmetic and mechanical condition; including but not limited to: tires, spare tires, axles, bearings, hubs, drums, brakes, leaf springs, shackle links, hangers, electrical wires, coupler, coupler lock, safety chains, breakaway box, breakaway cable, frame, breakaway battery, bed, structure, walls, lights, hinges, doors, steps, etc. The Owner agrees to indemnify and hold Big Loads harmless of any and all liability as to the mechanical, structural or cosmetic failure of any rented trailer or for communication or miscommunication of any instruction or misrepresentation of any rented trailer and its specifications listed on the Big Loads website or other advertised materials.  The Trailer Owner agrees that once they accept a booking, they are legally obligated to follow through with the rental.  If the Trailer Owner accepts a booking and cannot provide the trailer to the Renter on the date and time agreed upon and cannot reschedule the booking and has to cancel the booking request, Big Loads reserves the right to charge the Trailer Owner for all applicable booking fees of the total transaction amount to Big Loads to cover credit card and advertising fees.  If for some reason the trailer is not available at the scheduled date and time of the rental, the Trailer Owner must notify the Trailer Renter in advance and may offer to reschedule the rental for a date and time that works for both parties.  The Trailer Owner must be present at the time of rental and return to assist.

18. Abuse of Services: By using the Big Loads Services, you agree that you will not attempt to circumvent the platform.  Any Trailer Owner who attempts to circumvent the platform in any way by attempting to exchange contact information, attempts to set up a meeting location, or shares any other information that will potentially prevent the booking from being completed on the platform prior to an accepted booking is in violation of these terms.  Any Trailer Owner who uses contact information that was shared by a Renter in violation of these terms prior to an accepted booking is in violation of these terms.  Any Trailer Owner who tries to get a Renter to circumvent the platform will be in violation of these terms.  Any Trailer Owner who has or attempts to have the Renter cancel the booking after it is accepted to circumvent the platform is in violation of these terms.  If Big Loads in its reasonable judgement believes the Trailer Owner has abused the terms of service and circumvented the platform in any way or caused the rental or a potential rental to be taken off the platform, Big Loads reserves the right to charge all applicable booking fees and a $200 administrative fee to the Trailer Owner.  Big Loads reserves the right to block or permanently remove any User Account at any time and for any reason.

19. Minimum Requirements to Rent a Trailer:  For the safety of all users on the platform, Renters must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Possess a valid driver license.
  • Create an account on the platform.
  • Verify phone or email using a one-time password.
  • Complete all fields on the profile page.
  • Complete ID verification.
  • Pay using a valid credit card in the Renter's name.

20. Non-Use & Condition Acceptance: The Renter agrees that by booking the rental and taking possession of the trailer, he or she is accepting the condition and usability of the trailer and is entirely responsible for full payment of the rental and any additional fee. There will be no consideration of reimbursement for the inability to use the trailer, regardless of the circumstance, by the Renter for any reason after the Renter has taken possession of the trailer.  The Renter agrees that during the course of using the Company website and renting from trailer Owners, the Company will not be held responsible or liable for the condition or usability of any rented trailer.  It is the responsibility of the Renter to inspect the trailer prior to taking possession. Once the Renter takes possession of the trailer, the Renter is accepting the condition and usability.  The Renter and Owner should both take pictures of the trailer at the time of rental.  If the Renter discovers a defect or any issue with any part of the trailer; including but not limited to lights, brakes, tires suspension, electrical, durability or safety of the trailer, the Renter must allow up to 24 hours for repairs.   Repairs and downtime up to 24 hours are not a consideration for a partial or full refund of the rental fees or platform fees.  Costs incurred during downtime, such as, hotel fees, meals, or any other cost will not be reimbursed under any circumstance.  The Renter agrees to use the rented trailer in a lawful manner.  The Renter agrees that during the use of any rented trailer, he or she will abide by the specified weight limitations and will not overload any rented trailer.  The Renter agrees not to haul hazardous materials or illegal substances that are prohibited by state or federal laws.  The Renter agrees to abide by all laws and operate the trailer in a safe manner at all times.  The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold Big Loads harmless of any and all liability as to the mechanical, structural or cosmetic failure of any rented trailer or for communication or miscommunication of any instruction or misrepresentation of any rented trailer and its specifications listed on the Big Loads website or other advertised materials.

21. Damages: Any damages to the trailer during the rental are the full responsibility of the Renter; not the Owner or the Company. The Renter will be liable to pay for damages that cannot be proven to have existed prior to the rental.  The Renter is required to pay for the damages even if repairs will never be completed.  It's the discretion of the Owner to choose to perform his or her own repairs or have repairs done by a shop or not at all.  It is highly recommended that the Renter and Owner both take pictures of the trailer when the trailer is connected to the Renter's vehicle at the start of the rental and again at the end of the rental. The Renter shall keep the trailer secure and maintain the rented trailer during the rental at his or her own cost and expense. The Renter agrees to return the trailer in the same condition it was received. The Renter shall pay the Owner full compensation for replacement and/or repair of the trailer or rented accessories which is not returned because it is lost or stolen or any part of the trailer or accessory which is damaged and in need of repair to put it into the same condition it was in at the time of rental. Renter agrees the Owner is authorized to hold them financially responsible for such loss or damage by not returning the full or partial amount of the deposit.

22. Deposit Deduction Claim: A Deposit Deduction Claim allows the Trailer Owner to submit a claim for loss.  A loss is defined as physical damage to a trailer, missing or damaged rented accessories, or late return fees.  All Deposit Deduction Claims must be submitted by checking the "Deposit Deduction Claim," checkbox during the "End Rental" process.  All claims must include all images that clearly identify damage, a full description of the damage, and any receipts for repairs or replacement parts.  The claim must provide a fair cost estimate for repair or replacement of parts.  Any images, descriptions, receipts, or dollar amounts of loss that are not stated in the claim will not be considered for deposit deduction.  A claim can only be filed one time per rental.  Claims cannot be changed after they have been submitted.  For a claim to be considered for deposit deduction, the trailer owner must have uploaded pictures at the start of rental, uploaded pictures at the end of rental and must have been present with the renter at the start rental and end rental process.  The company can only withhold up to the full amount of the deposit.  The Company will use its best judgement based on fair market value to evaluate the cost for replacements, repairs, and labor costs.  Repair costs may not be based on the cost to repair to like-new condition.  For example, if a paint scratch occurs, the cost of paint and the time it takes for touchups will be granted; the cost of a new paint job for the entire trailer will be rejected.   If the Renter has an objection to the claim after it is opened but before it is closed, the Renter must contact the Company immediately upon receiving the notification of the claim.  The Trailer Owner and Trailer Renter agree the Company makes the final decision in the in the outcome of the claim including the amount of money withheld from the deposit.  All claims will be processed within 48 business hours or less except if further investigation is needed.  The Trailer Owner and Trailer Renter agree that after a claim has been approved or rejected, the decision is final and cannot be reopened or appealed.  After the claim has been closed, the Trailer Renter agree not to dispute the withholding with their credit card company, the Trailer Owner or the Company.  After the claim is closed, the Trailer Owner agrees not to dispute the decision regarding the deposit deduction with the Company or the Renter.  Harassment by the Trailer Owner or the Trailer Renter will be automatic grounds for permanent removal from the platform.  The Trailer Owner and Trailer Renter agree the Company will be held harmless from damages, claims, use, misuse or any dispute that may arise during or after a rental. 

23. Non-Insured Rentals: Any rental processed on the Big Loads platform without insurance will be the responsibility of the Owner or Renter to supply outside coverage or self-insure.  The Owner and the Renter agree to hold the Company harmless in the event of any damage, liability, accident or other incident involving any rental where insurance was not included or offered for any reason.

24. Rental Procedures: It is common practice for a Trailer Owner to request a copy or picture of the renter's driver license, insurance card, and a picture of the Renter's license plate. The Owner and Renter should both take pictures of the trailer at the time of rental and again at the return of the rental. In the event of a dispute, these pictures will be requested by the Company. Weight specifications, especially weight capacity, must always be pointed out to the Renter at the time of rental so the Renter does not exceed the weight limits.

25. Tax: The Renter agrees to pay tax for a rental when required. The Owner agrees the Company is not responsible to pay tax for the portion of money the Owner receives. It is the responsibility of the Owner to know his or her legal obligation under the tax laws of their state.  If the Owners gross payments exceed $20,000 and more than 200 transactions per year, we will send you a 1099-K form to maintain compliance with IRS regulations.

26. Liability: The Renter accepts liability while the trailer is in the Renter's possession. The Renter agrees to provide their own liability coverage and to hold the Owner and Company harmless during the course of the rental period. The Owner agrees to insure the rented trailer for property damage insurance coverage and liability insurance coverage. The Owner agrees to hold the Company harmless from any incident that arises during the rental. Company is not liable for any verbal or written agreement, statement, or other means of communication between Renter and Owner. The Renter and Owner understand and agree that the Company does not make any attempt to give advice, review communication or monitor the conduct of the Renter or Owner. The Company is not responsible for conducting background checks or ensuring any level of trust, credibility, or qualify any Renter or Owner. By using the Company Services, the Renter and Owner agree the Company (Big Loads) will be held harmless from any liability from any damages, loss or any criminal or civil dispute arising from the course of doing business and utilizing the Company website and services.

27. Termination: The Renter shall not pledge or encumber the rented trailer in any way. The Owner may terminate the rental agreement immediately upon the failure of Renter to abide by the terms of the rental agreement.

28. EMBEZZLEMENT / FAILURE TO PAY OR RETURN: In the event that a trailer is not returned by the contract return “Due” date, and if there is no extension of the rental period or cooperation from the Renter, the Owner reserves the right to file a criminal complaint with local law enforcement.

29. Repossession: If the Renter fails to return the trailer and does not cooperate in scheduling pickup of the trailer and does not pre-pay for the trailer to be picked up and returned, a minimum of $7.00 per mile round trip repossession fee, and a minimum $500 repossession fee will be charged to the Renter. This amount may be set higher at the discretion of the Owner.

30. Advertising Policy: The Company reserves the right to use any and all public trailer Owner listing content, descriptions, specifications, images, public profile details in any means of advertising on social media, blog, or on any website the Company chooses to advertise on to promote or advertise the Company or any trailer listed on the Company website or platform. The Company reserves the right to choose which listings to promote through outside advertising sources based on relevance, quality of content, quality of a trailer, popularity, and location of the trailer location. By publishing your trailer for rent on the Company website, you accept the Company's Advertising Policy.

31. Entire Agreement. The terms of service in this agreement shall be binding to the extent they do not violate any laws. The terms of service in this agreement contain the entire agreement. No other agreements, verbal or written, have been made outside of this agreement to involve the Company.  Additional contracts, amendments, terms and verbal or written agreements may be decided in addition to these terms between the Owner and Renter, but those agreements will not dissolve the terms of this agreement.